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S1 WebService Helper >>> DOWNLOAD

S1 WebService Helper >>> DOWNLOAD

S1 WebService Helper is a straightforward application designed to help advanced Softone users execute queries and obtain information that can then be copied and pasted into Excel or any other application used for data processing. The program features a relatively simple interface and offers two layouts for you to choose from, but provides almost no documentation, so novices may have some problems figuring out how to take advantage of its functions. Lightweight application that can be run from any location S1 WebService Helper does not need to be installed on your computer before being executed, which is great news for users who need to run it on various machines, or even from portable storage devices. Although the extracted data can be copied to Excel, the Microsoft application does not need to be installed on your system, although.Net Framework is required. Minimalistic interface that offers two distinct layouts S1 WebService Helper features a relatively simple user interface made up of three panels. You can toggle between the two available layouts, but it is not possible to resize the application window. Statements can be written in the built-in text editor, and you can execute them in their entirety or just run the commands that have been selected. Once the query has been processed, you can copy the resulting data from the generated grid and paste it into Excel or other applications. Useful tool that does not offer enough documentation Of course, S1 WebService Helper is a program aimed at advanced users, but it would have been great if some in-depth instructions were provided, as first-time users have some problems getting to grips with the application’s functions. All in all, S1 WebService Helper is a lightweight, portable utility that can come to the aid of advanced Softone users who need to make raw queries to web services. It offers almost no documentation, however, so you need to have some prior experience to make the